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About the TSE EMS Designation program.

The 2020 Idaho Legislature approved changes to the Rules of the Time Sensitive Emergency System allowing for the creation of TSE EMS Designation. This will provide the opportunity for EMS agencies to be recognized for their excellent patient care, quality improvement, and commitment to working with the Idaho TSE System!

How does the program work?

All prehospital, licensed EMS agencies are eligible for designations at the BLS, ILS, or ALS level of licensure. Applications are available online through IGEMS. This is a free and voluntary program, and routine onsite surveys are not required, but may be requested by EMS Advisory Committee (EMSAC). The Idaho TSE Council is the statewide governing authority of the Idaho TSE System. The council is responsible for establishing rules and standards and has the authority to approve designations. The EMSAC provides expert review and recommends approval of agencies to the Idaho TSE Council. The Idaho Bureau of EMS & Preparedness provides oversight and administrative support for the day-to-day operation of the program.

How to apply for a TSE EMS Designation?

Criteria for each level (BLS, ILS, ALS) can be found in the TSE Standards Manual Edition 2020-1. Review the designation criteria before starting an application. You must submit an application with the required documentation through IGEMS.

The TSE EMS Designation Toolkit has been created to guide you to a successful application submission. In the toolkit, you will find a clarification document, letter templates, and detailed explanation of the application process. See below for the IGEMS link, toolkit, and designation criteria.

TSE EMS Designation Toolkit

BLS Designation Criteria         ILS Designation Criteria         ALS Designation Criteria

TSE EMS Designated Agencies

 Region 1    Level   

 Region 2    Level   

 Region 3    Level   


Region 4    Level   
Magic Valley Paramedics  ALS
Minidoka Memorial Hospital
Emergency Response Ambulance      

 Region 5    Level   

 Region 6    Level   


Idaho TSE Regions